YourTagg, You Decide!


YourTagg, You Decide!


You Decide!
Connect With Customers
Know Your Customer Experience

What is YourTagg?

Seamless feedback platform to connect with customers through real-time experience indicators, affordable and suitable for your business

Customer Experience

Easy and affordable way to measure what customers think or feel

Customer Retention

CX is a key attribute to customer retention, as well as attracting new customers

Targeted Marketing

Connect with customers to foster effective and targeted marketing
Why Choose YourTagg?

We provide a hassle-free one-stop solution when it comes to measuring customer experience

There is no longer a need to:

  • Distribute paper feedback forms
  • Set-up infrastructure to collect and collate feedback
  • Hire data scientist to analyse for insights

Customer Feedback Has Never Been Easier

  • Simple yet attractive user interface
  • Customisable questions
  • Minimal set-up required

Performance Dashboard with YourTagg

  • Real-time monitoring of customer feedback
  • Deep dive into customer experience analytics
  • Target setting for performance management

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